Miss Kylee's Beauty

Welcome to my world!

This is just one of my designs.
Cute, hunh?
I'm so happy to share my little corner of the internet on beauty, fashion and cheerleading. I love to hear comments and requests from viewers too, so don't forget to comment on my videos.

We just launched my new line of Cheerleading Hair Bows, Miss Kylee's Beauty Bows!  And I'm super excited that now you can buy them online!  Yay!  We do custom designs just for you, and offer a team discount, so please contact us if you'd like something special just for your team.

I also like vlogging about all sorts of beauty-related stuff, like: 
  • Beauty Product Reviews
  • Fashion Tips for Teens
  • Cheerleading Tips
  • Cheerleading Product Reviews
  • Hair & Makeup How-Tos
  • Shopping Vlogs

...and more!

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